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A Canadian Exploration Company Focused On
Zinc, Copper And Gold
In Peru, South America



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Bongara Zinc Property

A total of 4,380 meters of dominantly HQ core were drilled in the 2008 campaign from May August 2008 at the Cristal project. The deepest hole (CR-01-08) was collared at HQ (63.5 mm) diameter, then reduced to NQ (47.6 mm) and then BQ (36.4 mm) to reach depths of over 500 m. A conventional drill rig was used and core was retrieved using a core tube and wireline.

The drill pattern was irregularly distributed due to the topographic constraints on the establishment of drill pads. Up to four angled holes were drilled from a single platform to minimize the number of platforms required, and the logistics of moving the drill between platforms. In general, holes were oriented to intersect the general structural orientation of the deposits at as high an angle as possible.

1990 meters of shallow drilling was intended to identify zinc oxide deposits and virtually all of the drill holes intercepted zinc.

Highlights of the 2008 drilling program include the following high grade zinc oxide intercepts.
  • Drill hole CR-07: 58.6 meters of 10% zinc from surface to 64.2 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-13: 14.5 meters of 14.7% zinc from 12.9 to 27.4 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-14: 12.5 meters of 26.1 % zinc from 11 to 23.5 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-05: 58.8 meters of 5.0% zinc from surface to 75 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-09: 13.1 meters of 6.0% zinc from 3.0 to 16.1 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-12: 7.4 meters of 6.3% zinc from 1.7 to 9.1 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-20: 15.5 meters of 29.5% zinc from 49.6 to 65.1 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-18: 21.7 meters of 22.0% zinc from 5.6 to 27.3 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-11: 10.3 meters of 21.1 % zinc from 11.2 to 21.5 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-24: 8.1 meters of 23.5% zinc from 23.8 to 31.9 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-08: 6.3 meters of 27.9% zinc from 33.4 to 39.7 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-03: 3.3 meters of 27.7 % zinc from 56.8 to 60.1 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-25: 2.0 meters of 22.5% zinc from 36.3 to 38.3 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-22: 7.5 meters of 16.7% zinc from 18.1 to 25.7 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-28: 3.9 meters of 15.1% zinc from 18.5 to 22.4 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-29: 10.1 meters of 8.1% zinc from 20.7 to 30.8 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-35: 11.5 meters of 29.7% zinc from 9.5 to 21.0 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-39: 15.7 meters of 11.8% zinc from 14.1 to 29.8 meters depth
  • Drill hole CR-37: 8.2 meters of 7.4% zinc from 31.1 to 39.3 meters depth

In addition to the Company's high-grade zinc oxide drill results, 5 deep holes were drilled totaling 2,390 meters to test the stratigraphic sequence and for zinc sulfides. Deep drilling confirmed that host rock formation permeability conditions are favorable for Mississippi Valley-type zinc-lead mineralization. While the five deep holes were not ore grade, disseminated zinc sulfides are present in the system at depth and additional drilling is warranted.

For 2011, The Company has contracted Energold Drilling Corporation (TSX.V: EGD) to undertake a 4,000 meter program at Cristal and drilling is now underway. The average depth of each hole is expected to approximately 100 meters. The 4,000 meter number is minimum and Rio Cristal will drill more if the weather cooperates later in the year. As soon as a resource is established, the Company will begin studies to determine the best way to process the oxides.

The second part of our program for 2011 is initial drilling at the Company's Florida project located in the southern part of the Rio Cristal's 18,000 hectares of concessions. Surface exploration results were very encouraging in 2008 but to-date no drilling has taken place. The Florida projects boarders on an advanced zinc exploration project managed by Votorantim Metais which has reported outstanding results to-date. The Company believes that the zinc sufide deposits discovered by Votorantim trend directly beneath Rio Cristal's unexplored concessions at Florida.